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Message from the CEO, Frances Newman

One of the most common complaints libraries get is that there are no new bestsellers on the shelf. Libraries buy new books and DVDs all the time, but brand new bestselling books and movies are usually already checked out by another customer. Lots of people do not realize that you can place a hold on these items and we will contact you as soon as they are available.

Of course, we can only hold books and movies for so long before we give them to the next customer on the waiting list. Each year Oshawa Public Libraries fills thousands of holds, but sadly only about half of them are picked up. Folks not picking up their holds tie items up, making for an even longer wait for those in the queue. Did you know you can suspend your hold if you are going on vacation? Nothing is more frustrating than finally being notified your hold is available when you are away. You can help to make waiting lists shorter by promptly picking up your holds and returning them as soon as you are finished, and canceling the hold if you change your mind. Your fellow library users will appreciate it!

Be sure to join us at the McLaughlin Branch for Doors Open on Saturday, September 30 (page 5). We will be launching our Local History Room, showcasing the rich history of Oshawa and its local families.

See you at the Library!
Frances Newman
CEO, Oshawa Public Libraries

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