Pixels (film)

Pixels is a blast from the past involving classic arcade games that are being misunderstood by aliens as a war threat. As war arises upon planet Earth, Sam Brenner, a former arcade game master has been recruited by the President of the United States alongside his childhood friends and arch nemesis to tackle these games. However, in this case, there’s no reset button and once all three lives have been used up planet earth would be in full control by aliens.

Throughout this film there are various ongoing battles that appear all over the world, for instance, some battles occur in countries such as Japan and The United States. With full control of military equipment and this war, these arcade game experts find themselves tackling classic arcade games such as Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Frogger, and much more.

I personally enjoyed this film as it was very interesting and exciting, due to the stunning animations and special effects, as well as the range of sceneries. Also, I enjoyed the storyline of the film and how there were a lot of references towards classic arcade games. One of my favourite references would be the appearance of each game and how appealing it was within the film also, I liked how the characters were given three lives as if they were playing in an actual arcade. In conclusion, Pixels is a fantastic film for the entire family as it displays a well thought out storyline. – Jeffrey K.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman is an action film consisting of two well-known superheroes who find themselves battling each other to the death. However, they are both unaware that they share common goals and objectives, which are protecting others and ensuring that their cities are safe. The media portrays each superhero in a bad way, since there is constant criticism of their judgment and authority as the number of casualties increases. As a result, both superheroes begin to believe that the other is dangerous to society and that they must be stopped. This creates a spark within their relationship and causes the full-on brawl to begin.

Personally, I believe that this film was very well done as I was extremely intrigued while watching it. In addition, I enjoyed the scenes where there was constant battling between Superman and Batman, as it displayed a lot of action. Also, I enjoyed the range of scenery used because it helped make the film more interesting and enjoyable. However, I did not like the ending of the film as it leaves the viewer wondering what may happen next, but overall, I enjoyed the film and I hope that there is a sequel. To conclude, Batman v. Superman is an action packed movie that can be very enjoyable due to the range of scenery and overall story. – Jeffrey K.

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