Everything, Everything

Nicole Yoon

Madeline is sick, so sick she can’t leave her house. Madeline has a rare disease which makes her allergic to anything and therefore everything. Madeline is content with the life she lives and is happy with her mother and nurse, Carla. They play games together, she reads and does classes from skype and sometimes even meets her teachers in person for the special occasion. Madeline sometimes she wonders about the outside life and wishes for freedom, but she puts on a smile on her face for her mother who takes care of her. Madeline’s outlook is that she should only hope for things that she can have, until her new neighbours move in. Madeline is suddenly drawn to the new boy next door, Olly. Soon they start emailing and IMing. Finally Madeline’s nurse allows her to meet the new boy secretly without Madeline’s mother knowing and Madeline starts feeling new feelings she hasn’t before. Her heart starts beating faster, her stomach starts to flip. Her and Olly soon grow from new made friends to romantic interests, but something about Olly is different and makes Madeline realize that she isn’t living and she wants more. She realizes she wants to explore, even if it’s only for a day.

This book is one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. Even the end made me hug the book for a good five minutes. Madeline is a girl who knows what she wants but she can die trying to get to her goals. The bravery that Madeline shows is important for everyone to acknowledge. She was such a strong character and she is a very good role model for all. The author of this book crafted it amazingly and I really really enjoyed it. – Fatima S.

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