Collection Highlight: Fangirl


by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl (novel) - Wikipedia

When Cath and Wren’s mother walked out on them as children, they both found solace in the Simon Snow series. Together, they obsessed over the books, movies, and became immersed in the fanfiction world.

When Cath and Wren move away to university, they find themselves drifting apart: Wren partying every weekend and Cath still involved with the Simon Snow fandom. As the year progresses, Cath struggles to find her place at the school, and struggles to keep hold of her relationship with her sister.

In the end, the sisters connect again over Simon Snow and their love for each other.

With a background romance story, this coming of age novel is romantic, quirky, and engaging. Rainbow Rowell has created flawed characters who are authentic and easy to love. Fangirl is a book about fandom, life and learning to love.

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