by Josh Cooley 

5 Stars

Toy Story 4 (2019) - IMDb

Toy Story 4 is an animated Disney film directed by Josh Cooley and is the fourth installment within the Toy Story series. The exciting film follows Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of their toy friends as they cherish living with their new owner, Bonnie. Using a spork at school, Bonnie creates a new friend named Forky, who joins the rest of the toys as they accompany Bonnie. Bonnie and all of the toys embark on an exciting family road trip, where Woody reunites with his old friend, Bo Peep. During the trip, the toys partake in several chaotic adventures including searching for Woody, battling an old ventriloquist doll, and rescuing Forky. 

Toy Story 4 is an adventurous, funny, and heart-warming film. I loved the scenes within the film that were action-packed as I was intrigued and constantly being surprised. I found that the new characters introduced were very humorous and amusing. Additionally, the animations were beautifully created and appealing to the eye. With this film being the fourth installment of the Toy Story series, I am very impressed with the execution and quality put into this movie. The film focuses on many important topics such as friendship, sacrifice, loyalty, and finding your purpose in life. Whether a child, teenager, or adult watches this film, I believe that it is sure to leave one with plenty of emotions and a message learned. The ending was very emotional, touching, and the perfect way to end off the movie. This is an excellent film for the whole family and I would highly recommend watching it! 

Emily K.

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Carry On

by Rainbow Rowell

Carry On: Rowell, Rainbow: 9781250135025: Books -

Watford is no ordinary school, and Simon Snow is no ordinary wizard. Actually, he’s the chosen one. Throughout his years at Watford, he’s gotten used to battling trolls and dragons. But the biggest struggle? Putting up with his room mate, Baz.

When Baz does not show up to their last year at Watford, Simon senses trouble. Together, Simon and his best friend Penny, try to solve the mystery of where Baz has disappeared to and if he’s actually up to no good. Little do they know that this year will not go as planned.

by Rich Moore & Phil Johnston 

4 Stars

More on "Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet" - Early ...

Risk-taking Vanellope is eager for a change in her game, Sugar Rush, so her best friend, Ralph enters her game to change the course, but this change leads to a disaster when the game’s external controls break. Due to the difficulty to replace the vintage game part, the game gets unplugged, leaving Vanellope and her game-mates homeless. Feeling responsible for causing the disaster, Ralph and Vanellope leave the comforts of Litwak’s arcade and risk it all in an attempt to save her game. They travel to the worldwide web in hopes to find a replacement controller. Their quest takes them to the vast, uncharted world of the internet where they have no choice but to rely on the citizens of the internet to help them navigate their way in quite possibly the only chance they have to save Vanellope’s game. 

I believe this film was very well done for a variety of reasons. First, this charming and insightful sequel shines a light on the many wonders, as well as the horrors of the internet, from sharing silly viral videos to vicious social media comments. Additionally, Vanellope and Ralph’s conflict within the film touches upon the topic of what it means to follow your dreams and to support those you love. Finally, I enjoyed how the film included amazing animations, that were extremely detailed and vibrantly coloured. The film was action-packed and exciting to watch. In conclusion, Ralph Breaks the Internet is an excellent adventure film that is great for the whole family to enjoy. 

Emily K.

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by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl (novel) - Wikipedia

When Cath and Wren’s mother walked out on them as children, they both found solace in the Simon Snow series. Together, they obsessed over the books, movies, and became immersed in the fanfiction world.

When Cath and Wren move away to university, they find themselves drifting apart: Wren partying every weekend and Cath still involved with the Simon Snow fandom. As the year progresses, Cath struggles to find her place at the school, and struggles to keep hold of her relationship with her sister.

In the end, the sisters connect again over Simon Snow and their love for each other.

With a background romance story, this coming of age novel is romantic, quirky, and engaging. Rainbow Rowell has created flawed characters who are authentic and easy to love. Fangirl is a book about fandom, life and learning to love.

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Flashback: Re-read a book you loved when you were younger and share a quote.

I loved The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams so much that I listed to the audiobook every night before I fell asleep. It was so nice to visit this book again. All the feels!
If you want to read it, check it out here.
What’s your favourite nostalgic read?

Again again

by E. Lockhart

After experiencing a romantic upheaval and a near fatal family accident, Adelaide Buchwald finds herself in a whirlwind of summer adventures.

Again Again by E. Lockhart

Adelaide prepares herself for a summer of possibilities, however, nothing can prepare her for falling in and out of love. While navigating her new found love, Adelaide will confront the secrets she has kept, her perceptions of love and the human mind.

Again again is an offbeat and unconventional romance story that is moving and thought provoking. A lyrical and thoughtful summer read!

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#Shelfie: Snap a pic of your beloved bookshelf. Make it creative!

I love so much about this shelf design! I designed it for an I Spy photo, but loved it so much I kept it around.
What does your book shelf look like?

Book Tasting: Recreate food or drink from a story you read and post your creation. Bonus: Let us know if it was good or not.

It was delicious!
This book is designed for a younger crowd, but there is no age limit on food right? The recipes were fun and easy to make. Check out OPL’s copy here.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

by Roxanne A. Brown

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown

The Solstasia celebration is a time of great rejoicing, and for Malik, it is an even greater joy because he gets the chance to leave his war stricken home. Malik plans to start a new life in Ziran, where the celebration takes place, but his plans get turned upside down when a sinister spirit kidnaps his sister. Malik quickly realizes that his sisters kidnapping was meant as payment into the city; to save her, he strikes a deal with the spirit: he will kill the crown princess Karina in order to get her back.

Karina, however, has plans of her own. Her mother has been assassinated and her court is on the brink of mutiny . With nowhere else to go, Karina decides to use ancient magic to bring her mother back, which calls for the heart of a king. And Karina knows just how she’s going to get one: offer her hand to the winner of the Solstasia celebration.

Malik and Karina’s paths crash together in this intense and romantic own voices novel. An action packed and lush story, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin is fast paced and engaging read.

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Dread Nation

by Justina Ireland

Jane McKeene was born into a world about to change. A world where the dead started walking, changing the civil war and America forever. Along with many others, Jane is required by the Native and Negro Reeducation Act to attend combat school to learn how to kill the dead who walk among them. However there are other opportunities, and Jane starts training to become an Attendant, training in both weaponry and etiquette to protect the rich and wealthy.

Dread Nation (Dread Nation, #1) by Justina Ireland

Jane however, does not want the life of an Attendant and has every notion of returning to her home in Kentucky and being rid of the politics of America. When she arrives back home, Jane does not expect to become entangled in a conspiracy when she returns, fighting against powerful enemies. Now the walking dead are the least of her worries.

A compelling Historical Fantasy, Justina Ireland has creating a moving, own voices horror novel that will stand the test of time.

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