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Kanopy - Now Streaming

Kanopy offers a wide selection of dramas, documentaries and informative films which provide a thoughtful and educational window into the world around us and tell the stories of the people within it.  Kanopy films are available to Oshawa Public Libraries members from now through July 3rd. 

To access and stream Kanopy's films:

1) Visit this link and click "log in to oshlib".

2) Enter your Oshawa library card number and PIN or Password then click "Continue".

3) Click "Sign Up".

4) Enter your name, email address, and a password you'll use to log in to Kanopy.

5) Click "Sign Up".

You can then use Kanopy, by logging in at Oshawa's Kanopy page using your chosen email address and password. 


Thu, 01/01/2037 - 19:01
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