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Accessibility at McLaughlin Branch

Physical Accessibility

There is a wheelchair accessible parking space on Bagot Street, with another spot available on the west side of the library (Lot 50) and on the west side of City Hall. There is metered parking during the day, but free after 6:00pm and on weekends. Individuals who hold an Accessible Parking Permit do not need to put money in the meter as long as the Permit is clearly displayed on the dashboard. Click here to view information concerning disabled person parking and parking permits (from City of Oshawa By-law 79-99).
A ramp leads up to the automatic doors at the main entrance of the Library on Bagot Street.
There are wheelchair accessible counters available at the Circulation Desks and Information Desks in the branch.
There is a wheelchair accessible elevator service to all floors. The auditorium on the ground floor is only accessible from a ramp on Bagot Street.
The wheelchair accessible washroom is located on the main floor opposite the elevator. There are washrooms off the auditorium on the ground floor as well but they are small and may not accommodate all mobility aids.
Service animals are welcome.

Adaptive technology

McLaughlin Branch provides an adaptive computer station with a touch screen monitor, a big key keyboard and a trackball mouse. This station provides access to the following assistive software:

Kurzweil 1000 – software that can convert scanned text from hard copy materials (books or other documents) to speech. Ideal for low vision and dyslexia. A scanner and headphones are available for use.

WindowEyes – software that acts as a screen reader to convert text to speech. This is ideal for improved Internet access to individuals who are blind or have low vision.

JAWS – another screen reading software that converts text to speech. This is the most popular software for individuals who are blind.

ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader – software that provides advanced text magnification and can convert text to speech, for ease of Internet browsing to individuals with low vision.

Wireless Internet access is available.

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) that provides magnification of hard copy material is available to all customers.