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Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) Parking Pass

Discover the great outdoors!

Valid for one (1) vehicle at any CLOCA Conservation Area. There are twelve (12) passes available for loan. Check the Library catalogue for availability. The pass is checked out on your library card for one week. Holds may be placed on the pass with your library card.


What does the pass do?
The pass will allow one (1) vehicle to park at any CLOCA Conservation Area.


Where can the pass be used?
Bowmanville Westside Marshes C.A.  180 West Beach Rd., Clarington
Crow’s Pass C.A.  231 Middle March Rd., Port Perry *
Enniskillen C.A.  7274 Holt Rd., Clarington
Heber Down C.A.  5000 Cochrane St., Whitby
Long Sault C.A.  9293 Woodley Rd., Clarington
Lynde Shores C.A.  1225 Victoria St. W., Whitby
Purple Woods C.A.  38 Coates Rd. E., Oshawa *
Stephen’s Gulch C.A.  360 Stephens Mill Rd., Clarington
* = free parking is available at Crow’s Pass and Purple Woods.


Can I only use it once during the week?
You can use it as many times as you like during the checkout period.


Can the pass be renewed?
Yes.  One (1) renewal will be available, if no holds currently exist.


How do I return it?
The pass cannot be returned in the drop box and must be returned during open hours at any branch directly to the Borrower Services Desk.


What about overdue fines?
The fine for an overdue pass is $1 per day.


What if I lose the pass?
Please notify the Overdues Associate right away.  The replacement cost is $75. Call any branch to advise that the pass has been lost.


Did you know? CLOCA offers an Annual Parking Pass. Passes can be purchased online at or in person at their corporate office, 100 Whiting Ave., Oshawa.


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