Confessions of a High School Disaster

Confessions of a High School Disaster

Emma Chastain

This story is about a soon-to-be high school student who is nervous about her new life. She is going through new feelings she can’t explain, losing friends, and trying to find herself through new interests. Chloe Snow is a bright and positive freshman trying to find her place in a new environment, and she quickly learns that life isn’t as easy as it was in her safe elementary school, when her mother lived at home and everyone was a happy family. Now, she goes through missing her mom (who is an author exploring Mexico) while trying to balance hormones, friends, theater and home life — all while she is young and naive.

In my opinion this book wasn’t the greatest. I enjoyed a lot of it and though it was fresh and light, it didn’t wow me. It was an easy read that was refreshing, yet hard to get through because of the lack of detail. The writing wasn’t the most interesting to read for a lot of the book. The plot was okay, but it felt overdone because the author didn’t catch the real emotions of Chloe or any other characters. I think the author should have tried a little harder to find a meaning for the book and illustrated more driven and realistic characters. I wish the author looked beyond the dramatic side of Chloe’s life and looked at her pain she was going through during the entire book. Emma Chastain didn’t address her feelings of loss for her friends and her missing her mother. Otherwise this book was refreshing and funny and I would recommend it as a book that anyone could read for fun.  – Fatima S.

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