Margaret Stohl

Doloria has lived in the grasslands for as long as she remembers. Safe from the Icon and their terrifying immense power, she is showered with love from Padre, her pig Ramona Jamona, Bigger and Biggest at La Purisima and her best friend Ro. Dol could never imagine a life without them, but one truth will always remain with her, haunting her: she’s something else, different, as she survived while her biological family died on The Day. Why? Dol’s fate takes her on the path to that answer, to the Embassy — a task force off the coast of Metropolis, a city that was once called the city of angels. As the answer to one question is answered by a billion more questions, Dol seeks to find out what really happened on The Day? Who are the Icons? Why does she have a birthmark of a dot on her wrist? Who are the Lords? Dol soon starts to realize after each question is answered that she is meant for something that is way beyond her, a dangerous task that only a handful of people like her can do that might result in death.

I found this book extremely exciting, packed again with action and adventure even some science fiction and romance that will make you scream for the next book Idols. This book also showed a message that family doesn’t mean your own blood, which was a very nice touch given how suspenseful and action packed the book was. Truly an amazing book. – Celine J.

If you want to know what happens to Dol, check out the sequel, Idols!

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