Sing (film)

The singing competition has begun, for all animals at Buster Moon’s theater! This competition features different stages where each contestant is to perform a song of their choice, as an attempt to move on to the next round and have a chance of winning the grand prize. Everyone, especially Buster Moon, has high hopes for this show to be successful because this show may be his last.

Due to a lack of audience members, Buster Moon is having trouble paying for things such as bills, and he finds himself having to live in his own theater. Moreover, Buster Moon is on the verge of giving up his childhood dream of running a successful theater where everyone could come and gaze at magnificent acts. Thus, Buster is risking it all to attempt to create a show that is successful enough to be profitable and to create a stable amount of audience members.

I personally enjoyed this film as it includes a variety of different singing styles and songs that are easily recognizable. Also, I enjoyed how the film included animations that looked very appealing to the eye, and consisted of different sceneries. I also really liked how the storyline of the film was done and how it had references towards the show The Voice. I believe that anyone who enjoys The Voice would enjoy this film, as it is very interesting and family friendly. In conclusion, Sing is a film that includes a singing competition that may save Mr. Moon’s business and may allow him to finally have a successful theater like he always wanted. – Jeffrey K.

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