Amy Reed

Evie was diagnosed with cancer. She has been attending many chemotherapy sessions but the tumors just seem to keep spreading and results only show this when it’s too late. Her doctor, Dr. Jacobs later comes with bad news: Evie is going to die. Her parents and sister are shocked and can’t fathom that she will be gone forever in a couple of weeks, and Evie is thankful for each extra day she gets. But suddenly, Evie’s life is tipped upside down. Somehow the chemo starts to fight off the disease, and soon she is cancer free. A miracle.

When she returns to her former life, she doesn’t feel as if she fits in. All her former friends now barely have anything in common with her and it is like she is watching from the sidelines as everyone else gets on with their life. It also doesn’t help that Evie got addicted to the pills prescribed to her in order to deal with the physical pain. Between the “new” Evie, and having to deal with everyone’s sympathy, she slowly becomes distant from her family, best friend, and boyfriend. Nobody seems to be able to understand her.

This changes when she meets Marcus. He makes her feel truly alive, more than she has ever felt before. It is like when they are together, both of them are the only people in the world who exist. Marcus makes Evie feel ‘Invincible’.

This book was a very interesting read dealing with some things that actually happen to people in the outside world. Whether you know someone who has gone through similar events after reading this book or have even gone through them yourself, makes it easy to enjoy and feel the emotional tugs throughout the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and now I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series, Unforgivable. – Juliana M.

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