It’s All Your Fault

It’s All Your Fault

Paul Rudnick

Caitlin Singleberry is as pure and innocent as it gets. She wears knee socks twenty-four seven, is homeschooled and of course, hates her famous, yet vulgar and completely not innocent cousin, Heller Harrigan. Caitlin was completely content with her simple sweet life until Heller’s mom (and Caitlin’s aunt) pops back into her life and asks her to do something, something that would only occur in her wildest nightmares. She is expected to be a good influence/chaperone to an out of control Heller who is about to star in one of the most anticipated movies ever, “Angel Wars”. Which means that Heller can’t handle having a bad reputation or any incidents that make her look bad. After some heated debate, persuasion, and reassurance, Caitlin agrees to this seemingly excruciatingly draining task of looking after someone she despises, and for good reason. But if only Caitlin knew what kind of problems this would bring her in the future. Join Heller and Caitlin as they go on the greatest (and maybe worst in Caitlin’s perspective) adventure of their lifetime, and maybe a bit of well-needed bonding/reconciliation after four years of silence. This journey includes kidnapping, a tattoo (or maybe a few), a piercing, stealing a convertible, a robbery and ultimately, the police and a jail cell. But as Caitlin would say, “It’s all your fault, Heller Harrigan!”

Paul Rudnick has created a comical yet a serious book when it comes to exploring family issues. You are going to be rolling on the floor laughing, then two seconds later you are going to have a stream of tears down your face like a waterfall. In four words all I can say is, this is a gem. – Oshadi G.

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