The Masked Truth

The Masked Truth

Kelley Armstrong

Teenage Riley has experienced and witnessed something no adult or person could even fathom: a double murder. Worse, the people murdered were the parents of the child she was babysitting. Shocked, confused, and feeling guilty for living while the child’s parents both died right in front of her, Riley allows her mom to bring her to an overnight therapy ‘sleepover’ with other kids who are also suffering mentally. However, unexpectedly three masked men barge into the renovated warehouse they are staying in and hold both the therapists and the group of teens hostage. The kidnappers claim they want ransom money and no one will get hurt if they follow orders.

Things go horribly wrong when the group tries to escape and many of the teens are shot and killed right on the spot. Only some make it away and are hiding in the warehouse running from the masked men who are on a prowl hunting for them. Riley meets Max who is also a patient, and they escape together running through the warehouse trying to find a way out. Although, later in the book, they find out that this kidnapping is linked to many more people than originally thought as well as the plot is much more sinister than anyone would have expected.

Personally, I really enjoyed reading this book and all of the action, and craziness throughout it. The book, however, has some vicious and fierce parts, so I wouldn’t recommend this book to you if you do not like books with some very intense scenes. Overall, I would definitely suggest this book to anyone seeking action packed novels that provide a great thrill.

– Juliana M.

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