R.J. Palacio

August or ‘Auggie’ Pullman has been homeschooled up until fifth grade, because of complicated health issues and his facial deformity. When Auggie turns ten, his parents think it’s best if he goes to middle school for the first time, since his mother is not able to teach him enough and they think he’s ready to learn more about the world and face life. As Auggie enters the daunting school ‘Beecher Prep’ for the first time, he faces the ups and downs of the first day of school, Halloween, bullying, interesting friends, struggles within his family, a three day school trip, and one graduation ceremony. Auggie has high hopes of blending in, but he realizes that it’s not so easy to blend in when you’re a wonder!

This book is a definite page turner, you will want to chant Auggie’s name and be by his side at all times. You will easily learn to love Auggie Pullman as he discovers more about life and who people truly are not just for the outer person but the person on the inside. This book teaches that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover rather see what’s inside. It shows that there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel, to never change yourself for anybody and it even questions you to think how you would treat the beloved Auggie Pullman. The book is written nicely and includes humour and makes you want to choose kindness. I would recommend this book to readers grade 5 and up. -Sakura T.

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