A Long Way Gone

A Long Way Gone

Ishmael Beah

The book A Long Way Gone is an exciting nonfiction story about the life of Ishmael Beah during the civil war in Sierra Leone. With this book being a nonfiction story the entirety of its contents are all from the author Ishmael Beah. The book starts out with Ishmael leaving his village with his brother and friends to go to a talent show. They plan to perform a rap song that they found while watching TV. When they reach the town, things do not go as planned as the RUF (the rebels) attack the town and send all of its inhabitants in every direction. Ishmael does meet up with his brother and friends and continues to travel from town to town to look for his father, but eventually Ishmael Beah is forced to become a child soldier  


A Long Way Gone portrays loss and discovery in amazing and clear detail. From simple scenery to the most sentimental of moments, this book focuses mainly on Ishmael Beah and his struggle with being forced to become a child soldier and how his redemption and eventual reintroduction to society goes. Ishmael Beah did a great job by writing this book and releasing it in a way that both children and adults alike can relate to the stresses and situations portrayed. If you want a great quick read with only twenty one chapters, that will leave you satisfied, then this is the book choice for you. – Michael S. 

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