By Victoria Aveyard

5 Stars

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When society is divided by the colour of your blood, red bloods are servants, and silver bloods rule them all. Mare Barrow is a red blood who wishes to stay out of the spotlight and help her family. But when she is called to the palace to work, Mare is found out to have magic even she did not know she possessed. In a world where only silver bloods should have such abilities, Mare becomes the center of attention to the royal family, especially to Cal, firstborn and next in line for the throne.  To keep the news of her newfound powers a secret, Mare is forced to act like a long lost silver blooded princess and becomes betrothed to the youngest prince, Maven.  But hiding the colour of your blood is harder then it seems.  As time goes by, will she be able to keep her identity a secret, or will it come crashing down on her and everyone she loves dearly?  

This is one of my favourite books.  I love it so much that I have read it more than once.  This book is incredibility well written and catches the reader’s attention within the first chapter.  It is full of action and magic and is set in a time when kings and queens rule but they possess modern-day technology.  The author did an amazing job showing that no matter who you are, what you look like, or what the colour of your blood/skin is, you can do anything you want.  Don’t let the decisions of closed-minded people refusing change stop you from doing what is right for the world.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves a strong female lead and who is looking for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Julia F.

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By Sarah J Maas

5 Stars

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In a world where magic has been taken away, Celaena Sardothien is taken from the salt mines of Endovier and brought to a castle.  Why?  She is Adarlan’s assassin, or, was.  Celaena has been a slave in the mines for a year.  She never thought she would leave that place, but something unexpected happens.  She is brought to the castle to fight in a competition that, if she wins, will not only crown her the Kings Champion, but will also earn her the freedom she deserves.  Throughout the novel, Celaena befriends the stunningly handsome Crown Prince of Adarlan, the Captain of the Guard, and a devoted princess from a faraway land.  But with evil works at play, the fight for her freedom becomes not only that but also a fight for her survival.  As her competitors start dying one by one, Celaena finds herself thrown into a path made by the gods just for her.  Now she must eliminate the evil at work before it destroys her world and everyone she cares about.  

This book is really one of a kind.  It is filled with action, magic and mystery that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next.  If you like surprises, then this book is something you would enjoy reading.  Just when you think you know what is going to happen, a plot twist pops out of nowhere and has you wondering why you didn’t see it coming.  I would rate this book as 14+ due to the use of provocative language once or twice. If you don’t mind that, then I highly recommend reading this novel. 

Julia F.

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by Cassandra Clare

5 Stars

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The book takes place in 2008 when fifteen-year-old Clary Fray has her whole world turned inside out after an interesting night at the Pandemonium Club.  Clary sees three shockingly attractive teens covered in black markings sneak into a back room and decides to follow them. There she witnesses those teens kill a young man, or so she thought. The next day, when her mother disappears, Clary is tossed into a world she never thought existed. A world filled with vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons and shadowhunters.  She learns that shadowhunters are half-human half-angel beings that keep her world safe and their world in check.  On her quest to find her mother, she receives help from the three shadowhunters she saw in the club who are wondering how a mundane person like Clary can see them.  With her newly found companions, Clary finds herself uncovering the truth of her mother’s not so bright past, and the life she would have led as a shadowhunter.  

If you are someone who likes to read novels filled with magic, action and romance, then you will definitely want to read this.  If you usually don’t read books and want to try it out, this book will definitely get you into reading.  It is not just words on a page. It’s a whole other world that you’ll want to be a part of.  I would rate this book as 14+ due to the mature language that was used a couple of times.  Overall, this book was phenomenal, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. 

Julia F.

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by Ashlee Vance

5 Stars

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Elon Musk is truly an amazing and intelligent man. In this biography written by Ashlee Vance, you will learn about Musk’s childhood, Tesla, and much more. The author interviewed many of the people featured in this book to make it feel more real and legitimate, and it makes it feel more natural. Along the way, there are some pictures and descriptions for you to look at. After reading the book and looking back at those pages, it’s very interesting seeing how you interpret some of the objects, and how they differ from the actual vehicles and crafts.   

Elon has a very unique personality, and it develops and improves as the book goes on, which makes you want to keep reading. You will learn about all the different things he designs and how he becomes an inspiring figure. There are many reviews on the back of the book from fellow founders of large companies and just successful people in general.  

Sadly, the major downfall of this book is the fact that there is a good amount of mature language. It’s not abused, but be aware that there are some words that you will just have to get used to seeing.  

I think all of the chapters in this book are worthy and should exist. But my favourite chapters were Elon’s World, Africa, Elon’s First Start-Up, and the Revenge of the Electric Car. That doesn’t mean that any of the other chapters are bad. I will say I got very bored on the Canada chapter, which is kind of ironic.  

However, pretty much everything you need to know, and more is all in this book. You will probably read many things you have never known about Musk, which thus improves your reading experience.  

Alec T.

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By Rick Riordan

5 Stars

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.”  

You could say Percy Jackson is a pretty average 12-year-old boy.  

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He’d probably say the same, despite being labelled a “trouble-maker” and getting kicked out to a new school every year. But this year has been great for Percy. He finally made a friend in his school, Grover, and has almost made it through the school year without something messed up happening. That is until a seemingly normal class trip to a museum took a turn for the worst. Percy couldn’t believe his eyes when his math teacher turned into a full-blown monster and was even more shocked when he defeated her. This was the first duel he faced as a demigod. Percy is brought then to Camp Half-Blood, the only safe place in the world for people like him, children of the Greek gods and goddesses. What Percy didn’t expect is that he already had a bad reputation with the gods. They believed he stole Zeus’s master bolt, one of Olympus’s most powerful weapons. Now, Percy must complete a risky quest—return the master bolt by the summer solstice. Will he succeed in his mission, or forever be known as the lightning thief? 

In my opinion, The Lightning Thief is an absolutely incredible book for children, teens, and even adults alike. Percy has an easy-going, funny, and slightly sarcastic personality that makes the book not only easy to follow but also very entertaining. This book also is an amazing way to familiarize yourself with Greek mythology, as author Rick Riordan depicts in a modern scene making it easy to learn. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new read to enjoy that has an adventure quality while also being fun and educational, look no further than The Lightning Thief.  

Michelle G.

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