Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

by Ashlee Vance

5 Stars

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Elon Musk is truly an amazing and intelligent man. In this biography written by Ashlee Vance, you will learn about Musk’s childhood, Tesla, and much more. The author interviewed many of the people featured in this book to make it feel more real and legitimate, and it makes it feel more natural. Along the way, there are some pictures and descriptions for you to look at. After reading the book and looking back at those pages, it’s very interesting seeing how you interpret some of the objects, and how they differ from the actual vehicles and crafts.   

Elon has a very unique personality, and it develops and improves as the book goes on, which makes you want to keep reading. You will learn about all the different things he designs and how he becomes an inspiring figure. There are many reviews on the back of the book from fellow founders of large companies and just successful people in general.  

Sadly, the major downfall of this book is the fact that there is a good amount of mature language. It’s not abused, but be aware that there are some words that you will just have to get used to seeing.  

I think all of the chapters in this book are worthy and should exist. But my favourite chapters were Elon’s World, Africa, Elon’s First Start-Up, and the Revenge of the Electric Car. That doesn’t mean that any of the other chapters are bad. I will say I got very bored on the Canada chapter, which is kind of ironic.  

However, pretty much everything you need to know, and more is all in this book. You will probably read many things you have never known about Musk, which thus improves your reading experience.  

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