By Stephen King

4.5 Stars

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Dread is lurking throughout Derry, the parents are too ignorant to realize it, and the kids are too scared to face it. And for every 27 years, this dread resurfaces, only to feed on the small frightened children of Derry. The last thing that these victims will ever feel is the fear of the dreadful, ashy clown, the presence of IT. However, fear turns into anger within a child after IT hurts someone close to him and anger can be a dangerous thing, even to a clown.  

Stephen King’ s  IT  is a horrifying book. Not just from the killer clowns and haunted houses, but from its grim twist on reality. What should be worried parents are just abusive, negligent monsters. The bullies in this book aren’t only just bothersome and annoying, they are borderline murderers that want everyone else to feel more than just pain. However, within this twisted outlook on reality, there are some genuinely enjoyable moments throughout the book. Whether it was biking to beat the devil or a triumph that took 27 years to achieve, these moments will keep your blood pumping even minutes after you’ve finished the chapter. Speaking of getting your blood pumping, the scary elements of the book are near perfection. Ninety percent of scares have a purpose, either to masterfully set the tone, to establish motivation, or even to foreshadow future events. Not to mention that they’ll make you want to check under the bed for monsters. So every time a door creaks or a kid is all alone in a lifeless hallway, you know you’re in for a real thrill.  

One common complaint that I hear about the book though, is that it’s way too long. To be fair, it is a little more than 1000 pages, but you don’t need to finish it in a week. This book is diverse enough to not feel repetitive, even after 1000 pages. 

Adam O.

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By Yusei Matsui 

5 Stars

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When I finished the Anime, I was low-spirited. So, I looked for a way to bring myself up again and reading the manga was my best option. It was quite boring at first, but only because I already knew the introduction. I noticed that it would only take me a minute at most to get lost in the book and that could mean, reading the manga is more preferable because you get to control the pace of the story or maybe I just love reading. I admired the pacing of the story, the story took it slow when it needed it to be, and rush the irrelevant moments.

I disliked the beginning of both the manga and anime because it’s almost like the first fifty pages were missing and you started reading in the middle of the book. Also, if this is your first time reading the manga or watching anime, be prepared for some bizarre concepts and characters because that’s what they’re filled with. A highlight of this book was the break pages. To visualize it for you, a character who played an important role in that chapter or was mysterious would be drawn on the top half of the page, and the bottom half would have point form notes about the character in question. I also liked the teaser paragraph at the end of the book so you could see what the next chapter of the book would be like. I dislike the length of the book though. It only takes me twenty minutes at most to finish one book, but that can’t be helped.  

Christian E.

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By Sarah J. Maas

5 Stars

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Being locked in an iron coffin and tortured for 11 months is not something anyone could ever wish to experience.  For Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, it is her reality.  With knowing what giving into Maeve would do to her friends and world, Aelin will not yield.  As her mate and friends search for her, she has to withstand the gruesome techniques by Maeve’s second in command and sadist, Carin. When Aelin is finally free, she will stop at nothing to bring Maeve and Erawan, the Valg king, crumbling to the ground like ash.  With her fiery power on a tight leash, she digs up more and more to prepare for battle.  But will Aelin have any left, or will the lock take everything she has, including her life?  

This final book in the series is an emotional roller coaster.  With the story written from the point of view of every character, you get to see how each one is fairing throughout the novel.  I can’t express in words how much I love this book!  It is the best ending to a book series I have ever read in my life!  The amount of times my emotions were all over the place is too many to count, and I am so proud of Sarah J. Maas for creating such beautiful characters to which so many people can relate.  This book was amazing!  More than amazing, it was earth-shattering, and I am so happy she shared this story with us.  For anyone who loved the series as much as I did, prepare yourself because this book is the best one yet!

Julia F.

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By Sarah J Maas

5 Stars

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When a magical wall separates humans and fae, a young girl does not expect her life to take such a drastic turn.  When 18-year-old Feyre accidentally kills a fae in wolf form, her whole world is turned upside down.  Since the hatred between humans and fae has been ongoing for many years, Feyre does not expect a fae to show up on her doorstep demanding retribution for his companion’s death. Nor does Feyre expect the fae to be Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court himself.  Instead of demanding blood for blood, Tamlin decides to take Feyre back to his land where she will live out her days.  Soon her hatred toward the High Lord turns into friendship and maybe something more…  But something evil is lurking in the fae lands, and Feyre is determined to find out what it is and stop it before it destroys Tamlin’s world and her own.  

Honestly, this book is phenomenal.  I loved everything about it.  I couldn’t find a flaw in this magnificent piece of literature.  The characters were well thought out, and the book deals with anxiety and depression, and teaches readers to stand up for the ones they love even if it is hard to do at the time.  The mystery, action, romance and sarcastic remarks made me laugh, cry, and wonder what would happen next.  I suggest reading this book not only because it is a great story, but because it deals with some of the problems with society that need to be addressed. 

Julia F.

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