The Elite

By Kiera Cass

2 Stars

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The stakes are high for America Singer in this sequel to ‘The Selection.’ With the competition narrowed down to six girls and rebel attacks on the rise, she’s running out of time to decide what she wants—and, more importantly, who she wants. Prince Maxon might have swept her off her feet, a motion as unexpected as it was romantic, but can she handle the responsibilities of being his wife? Aspen was her first love, as familiar to her as her childhood home, but do her feelings for him run as deep as they used to? America will have to make up her mind before someone else does it for her. 


I was grateful for dialogue while reading this book. When I was left alone with America’s thoughts, I had to prepare myself to be confused. These thoughts, many of them incomplete and most of them incoherent, came and went so fast I barely had time to process them. She’s always getting mad at people, then forgiving them, then getting mad at them again… I realize she herself is confused, torn between two guys she really cares about, but I felt like the whole book was one long, mushy internal debate. 

Another thing that frustrated me was how selfish America became. She holds Maxon at arm’s length, demanding he give her time to sort out her feelings, and yet she doesn’t think it’s fair when he starts getting closer to the other girls. Can she not understand that he’s tired of waiting for someone who won’t return his feelings? Someone who doesn’t appreciate all that he’s done for her? Someone who’s been sneaking off with one of his guards? 

Catey F.

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