The One

By Kiera Cass

3 Stars

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After a series of mishaps, culminating in her call for an end to the caste system on national television, King Clarkson was eager to send America Singer home. Now that she’s convinced him to let her stay, to rejoin the Selection and compete for Prince Maxon’s heart, she will have to be on her best behaviour. It won’t be easy—the Northern rebels will force her to take risks, the Southern rebels will enrage her, the king will test her to the limit, and the web of secrets and lies she’s been spinning will threaten to collapse. 

At the same time, America has trouble admitting her feelings to Maxon. It’s not that she doesn’t love him, or that she thinks he doesn’t love her, she’s just afraid of losing him. To Celeste, who fears a life outside the spotlight. To Elise, who is desperate to please her family. Or to Kriss, who wants Maxon almost as much as she does. Find out who will take the crown in The One, the enchanting conclusion to America’s story. 


I don’t know why, but I had a feeling Kiera Cass would redeem herself with this book. I was right! It was so much better than ‘The Elite’! There were a couple of things I didn’t like, a few situations I thought could have been handled better, but I was satisfied with how everything turned out. 

I must admit that, while I was disappointed that America’s romantic affairs overshadowed the rebel storyline and any of this author’s attempts at world-building, Kiera Cass knows how to write about love (for teen audiences, at least). The last few chapters of this book were absolutely beautiful… Poetic, but not flowery. Doting, but not gushing. 

Catey F.

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