Directed by: William Eubank

3 Stars

The movie focuses on Kepler 822, a research and drilling facility owned by the company Tian Industries which resides at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. (Sorry, but I don’t know where that is) However, disaster strikes when a massive earthquake destroys part of the facility leaving Norah Price (Played by Kristan Stewart) and her coworkers Rodrigo, Paul, and Emily to attempt to escape.

Right off the bat, some criticism. As soon as the movie starts, we’re thrust into the plot. Specifically, without any context or backstory, which would have been appreciated. It was like bam! Here are characters that are now in a problem. I would have liked some character backstory and backstory on the company (Tian Industries) and why they were drilling in the Marianas Trench. However, criticism aside, it was an exciting and entertaining film and had many staple aspects of a thriller movie. It had scares, thoughtful moments; overall, it was decent.


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