by Deborah Ellis

5 Stars

Mud City

The Fiction, Mud City, written by Deborah Ellis, was a breathtaking and engaging book. Deborah Ellis’s Mud City is the third book of the Breadwinner series. It tells the story of a 14-year-old girl, Shauzia, Parvana’s best friend, into a refugee camp in Pakistan. Shauzia left Kabul to come to the camp with Mrs. Weera, her former PE teacher, who is in charge of the Widow’s Compound. Shauzia begins to get annoyed with Mrs. Weera as she doesn’t get paid for any of the jobs at the camp. But Shauzia always had a dream of going to France with her dog Jasper and just imaging the beautiful lavender fields and living there. So Shauzia decides to leave the camp and head off to the dangerous streets in Peshawar to look for jobs that will pay her. As she gets accused one day of stealing a guy’s money, she got thrown into prison. She is soon rescued by a generous American Family, Tom and Barbara, as the family treats Shauzia as one of their own kids with generosity and respect. Shauzia soon has to go back to camp because she let lots of families inside the home to help them out and give them something to eat and drink but without the consent of Tom and Barbara. Once Shauzia returns to the camp, she realizes that Mrs. Weera isn’t a bad person. After all, she likes helping people and wants to make a difference in their lives. She doesn’t give up on her dream to go to France, but she realizes she has a long way to go, and her dream of her going to go to France can wait until she is ready. This story is one amazing story. This book is a must-read, and I recommend this book to all ages. Overall, I rate this book 5/5 stars!

Hoda D.

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by Christopher Golden

5 Stars

Red Hands

It’s July 4th, and the people in the small town of New Hampshire are celebrating by putting on a huge parade. Everything starts going well until a mysterious worker from Garland Mountain Labs is seen himself in a vehicle and starts to plow through the crowd. Panicking, many people witness the car’s driver hopping out of the vehicle and touching people. Within a few seconds, the people of the town drop dead due to the sickness that person had attained. As worriedness and pressure start to grow, a parade attendee named Maeve uses a baseball bat to hit the guy and fully knock him out, but not before the mysterious person touches her. Surprisingly, she seems to be fine and immediately goes to check on her family, but when she touches them, they instantly die too. Filled with trembling fear, she flees into the mountain to hide, struggling with her own grief and confusion.  

Scientist expert, Ben Walker is called upon to help investigate the problem. He must not only find Maeve but to find out the exact secret weapon Garland Moutain Labs have unleashed. Meanwhile, Maeve looks for a hiding spot. Filled with terror and exhaustion, she begins to hear voices inside her head, and her desperation to touch another human being continues to grow. Will Maeve die? Can Ben Walker exactly figure out the secret weapon? Find out by reading Red Hands by Christopher Golden. 

This well-crafted book was very entertaining, and I highly enjoyed it. The novel grabs you in the first couple of pages, and it is then nearly impossible to put down! The energy is held in tension throughout the entire development of the story. To conclude, this is simply a fantastic read, and I highly recommend this novel to fans who enjoy thriller books.

Ahmed Q.

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by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck 

5 Stars

Disney Frozen 2 Original Movie Poster | Frozen film, Disney movies, Disney  animation

After lifting the curse of eternal winter in Arendelle, Queen Elsa now rules the kingdom and enjoys a joyful life with her sister, Princess Anna. Despite this, Elsa finds herself oddly unsettled. A strange, mysterious voice continuously calls Elsa, keeping her awake and inviting her to an enchanted forest that her father mentioned long ago. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven all embark on a journey, following the mysterious voice into the unknown. In the enchanted forest, they are revealed to the truth behind the kingdom of Arendelle, their family’s past, and the origin of Elsa’s extraordinary, magical powers. Frozen 2 showcases the adventures of Elsa, Anna, and their friends in the ancient, enchanted woods as they seek to find long-awaited answers and save their kingdom once and for all. 

Frozen 2 is an excellent movie and ranks among one of my favourite Disney films. After watching the first movie, I had high expectations proceeding to watch the sequel, and they were met. It was a sequel worth the wait and had a compelling storyline. Compared to the first movie, this film touched upon many deeper themes and showed growth and maturity within the characters. Though I felt that at certain points, the plot seemed to be all over the place, the movie wrapped up nicely. My favourite part of the movie was the range of absolutely stunning visuals. The scenery was precise and detailed throughout the entire film. Such as great film for younger and older audiences to enjoy.

Emily K.

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by Marc Webb

5 Stars

Gifted (2017) | CineMuseFilms

Boat repairman and former philosophy professor, Frank Adler is raising his seven-year-old niece Mary by himself in a small town in Florida. Frank has been a guardian to Mary since she was first born and when her mother, Frank’s sister, committed suicide. Just like her mother, Mary is a genius and has shown remarkable mathematical talent, but Frank hopes she can have a chance at a normal childhood, unlike his sister. After years of homeschooling, Frank decides to enroll Mary in a public school for first grade, and on her first day, her teacher is impressed by her incredible mathematical abilities. The school’s principal suggests that she should be transferred to a school for gifted students, but Frank declines. Mary’s controlling grandmother eventually gets an insight into the situation and hopes to gain custody of Mary and move her to Massachusetts as she believes that Mary should dedicate her life to mathematics, just like her mother. Frank and his mother get into a legal battle over her custody, with his mother wanting to force Mary to complete her mother’s project and Frank wanting to give Mary the life her mother never had. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film as it was gripping and kept my attention throughout. Chris Evans, who plays Frank, and McKenna Grace, who plays Mary, have amazing chemistry and showcased wonderful acting, which made the movie very enjoyable to watch. The math scenes were my favourite as they were beautifully and simply portrayed without lots of exaggeration. Gifted is truly a heartwarming film that many will enjoy!

Emily K.

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