by Marc Webb

5 Stars

Gifted (2017) | CineMuseFilms

Boat repairman and former philosophy professor, Frank Adler is raising his seven-year-old niece Mary by himself in a small town in Florida. Frank has been a guardian to Mary since she was first born and when her mother, Frank’s sister, committed suicide. Just like her mother, Mary is a genius and has shown remarkable mathematical talent, but Frank hopes she can have a chance at a normal childhood, unlike his sister. After years of homeschooling, Frank decides to enroll Mary in a public school for first grade, and on her first day, her teacher is impressed by her incredible mathematical abilities. The school’s principal suggests that she should be transferred to a school for gifted students, but Frank declines. Mary’s controlling grandmother eventually gets an insight into the situation and hopes to gain custody of Mary and move her to Massachusetts as she believes that Mary should dedicate her life to mathematics, just like her mother. Frank and his mother get into a legal battle over her custody, with his mother wanting to force Mary to complete her mother’s project and Frank wanting to give Mary the life her mother never had. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film as it was gripping and kept my attention throughout. Chris Evans, who plays Frank, and McKenna Grace, who plays Mary, have amazing chemistry and showcased wonderful acting, which made the movie very enjoyable to watch. The math scenes were my favourite as they were beautifully and simply portrayed without lots of exaggeration. Gifted is truly a heartwarming film that many will enjoy!

Emily K.

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