Frozen 2

by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck 

5 Stars

Disney Frozen 2 Original Movie Poster | Frozen film, Disney movies, Disney  animation

After lifting the curse of eternal winter in Arendelle, Queen Elsa now rules the kingdom and enjoys a joyful life with her sister, Princess Anna. Despite this, Elsa finds herself oddly unsettled. A strange, mysterious voice continuously calls Elsa, keeping her awake and inviting her to an enchanted forest that her father mentioned long ago. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven all embark on a journey, following the mysterious voice into the unknown. In the enchanted forest, they are revealed to the truth behind the kingdom of Arendelle, their family’s past, and the origin of Elsa’s extraordinary, magical powers. Frozen 2 showcases the adventures of Elsa, Anna, and their friends in the ancient, enchanted woods as they seek to find long-awaited answers and save their kingdom once and for all. 

Frozen 2 is an excellent movie and ranks among one of my favourite Disney films. After watching the first movie, I had high expectations proceeding to watch the sequel, and they were met. It was a sequel worth the wait and had a compelling storyline. Compared to the first movie, this film touched upon many deeper themes and showed growth and maturity within the characters. Though I felt that at certain points, the plot seemed to be all over the place, the movie wrapped up nicely. My favourite part of the movie was the range of absolutely stunning visuals. The scenery was precise and detailed throughout the entire film. Such as great film for younger and older audiences to enjoy.

Emily K.

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