10 Things I Can See from Here

by Carrie Mac

5 Stars

Do you like to read books about lesbians, sapphic relationships, mental health topics (such as anxiety), or heavy topics (handled with humour)?

Well, if so, read 10 Things I Can See from Here by Carrie Mac. If I’m being 100% honest, this book took me by surprise. I was expecting a badly written, basic, contemporary romance and instead I got this amazing blessing of a book.

This book is pretty lax about the plot but the main gist is that Maeve, the main character, is stuck with her step-family and drunk dad in Vancouver for 6 months while her mother is in Haiti with her boyfriend. Maeve has severe anxiety and so this was even harder for her to manage, which the author does an amazing job conveying. Maeve soon meets Salix, a seemingly fearless lesbian violinist and the book dives into their budding relationship while also managing Maeve’s anxiety and her father’s relapse in addiction.

I loved, loved how everything in this book was handled. The writing was great and the characters were relatable. The characters were flawed but perfect in their own way, much like in real life. The romance between Salix and Maeve was so damn cute and as someone who has been hating contemporary romance lately, that says a lot. There was only one thing in the entire book that I disliked: the author is a lesbian and she did write the D-slur (which is fine) but she also wrote the F-slur (which is a slur for gay men).

I rated it 5 / 5 stars and I recommend it a lot!
 Representation: Lesbian main characters, bisexual step-mom, addiction.
 Make sure to look up the trigger warnings!

Jazleen H.

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