In Five Years

by Rebecca Serle

5 Stars

The Romance/Domestic/Time Travel Fiction, In Five Years, written by Rebecca Serle, was one of my favourite books to read. It tells the story of Dannie Kohan, a 32-year-old woman who has always planned things out; she is also one heck of a lawyer. She absolutely loves her job, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Along the way of her journey, she meets a guy, David, who in the end is her lover, her fianc√© and soon-to-be husband. But how long does it really take for them to get married? How long does it take for David to truly take in the truth of their marriage? How long does it take for Dannie to find the reality of her love for David?

Before any of this happens, Dannie has a dream, a dream that you could say that haunts her. Her dream is something you possibly wouldn’t even imagine, the night that David proposes to Dannie, and she says yes, she has a dream of her in bed with a different guy. A guy she probably would’ve never thought of even dating, obviously a lot happens in her dream, but once she’s awake she is absolutely frightened and doesn’t tell anyone. I mean, who would’ve believed her. But what happens when the guy she dreamt is the person her best friend, Bella, is dating and is insanely in love with him. At first, it’s very nerve-wracking and scary to her, but eventually, she tries her best to stop thinking about that dream. Throughout the story, a lot happens to Dannie, especially when something tragic happens to her best friend, Bella. I promise you, the second you start reading this novel, you wouldn’t even be able to put it down. By the end of the book, I was in tears, both happy and sad, and trust me, the second you’re at the end of the book, you’ll understand what I mean. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone who is over 14 and up. Nevertheless, I rate this 5/5 stars! ¬†

Hoda D.

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