The Blind Side

directed by John Lee Hancock

5 Stars

Michael Oher is a seventeen-year-old homeless African-American teenager who has been in foster care with different families due to his mother’s drug addiction. Every new home he is placed in, he decides to run away. With the help of his father’s friend, Michael is enrolled in Wingate Christian School. Coach Burt Cotton is impressed by Michael’s size and athleticism and gets him admitted. Michael becomes friends with a younger student named Sean Jr. (S.J.). S.J.’s mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy is an interior designer and the wife of Sean Tuohy, a wealthy businessman. Leigh Anne sees Michael walking alone on the road at night, shivering in the cold. When she learns he does not have a place to stay she offers him to sleep on the couch in her home. Michael slowly becomes a member of the Tuohy family, and when Leigh Anne discovers more about Michael’s past she wishes to adopt him. Michael begins playing football and improves drastically as time goes on. With the support of his new family, who helps him overcome difficulties, Michael’s life changes for the better.  

I enjoyed watching this movie and believe that it was excellently done. This heartwarming film teaches us that small acts of kindness can change people’s lives forever. In addition, the film emphasizes that we should not judge someone based on their appearance or where they came from. The acting from each character is spot on and truly moves you. Sandra Bullock’s acting was outstanding and so strong. Overall, The Blind Side is inspiring, beautifully created, and can move you to tears. This is a movie that I will continue to watch over and over and love every time. This is a great family-friendly movie with a wonderful message.

Emily K.

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