The Infinite Noise

by Lauren Shippen 

5 Stars

The supernatural tale, ‘The Infinite Noise’ follows the story of Caleb Michaels and Adam Hayes. The writing captures the view of neurodivergent, queer teens, describing the struggles of everyday life. 

Caleb appears to be your average ‘nice jock’ stereotype. Before a certain incident, Caleb would label himself as normal, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. But when he gets into a fight and is sent to therapy, Caleb soon discovers he is an empath. All of a sudden, his constant feeling of being overwhelmed was explained. As Caleb grows into this new ‘superpower’, he takes more notice of his classmate Adam. This leads to a complicated understanding of both their feelings. 

 The main plot consists of this constant struggle to understand emotions, the inability to communicate, and the general teen experience. While Caleb continues his therapy sessions, he learns more about being an empath, how to control it, and others like him. Adam has his own struggles, being one of the only gay boys in his area and fighting depression. As the characters learn more and grow closer, they’re forced to see the world in a different light. 

This beautiful book is heartwarming, throwing you up and down on the emotional spectrum. You will find yourself empathizing with the characters, forming an attachment, and genuinely understanding them. It is an engaging read, slow-paced at first but speeds up as you continue. I believe that anyone could thoroughly enjoy this and find it entertaining. 

This charming piece of work is full of vivid imagery, strong feelings, and everything else you could want. 

Sarah B.

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