The Outsider

by Stephen King

“The Outsider, probably my favourite horror novel by far, is a thrilling and disturbing story from the twisted mind of Stephen King. We’re introduced to a horrific crime centred around an 11-year-old boy whose corpse was found after an unspeakable crime in the park. Piles of evidence point to neighbourhood Little League coach, Mr. Terry Maitland. But slowly, new evidence and discoveries are found and blows the case wide open. 

This book was a wild ride of fear and drama that was virtually impossible to put down. I mean some crazy stuff happens. Unfortunately, there aren’t many things I can say without spoiling this book, but trust me: for anyone who loves horror or thriller, this book is a must-read. If you do plan to read this novel, you should know that this story contains homophobic language, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, swearing, and gory depictions. 

This book was definitely a good read and worth the $25.99. Some parts had me too scared to even go to the bathroom at night. I would say this book should probably be read by people older than 12 for sure. Not only is it pretty scary, but the gore is pretty intense. This book has also been made into an HBO mini-series, but if I’m being completely honest, I preferred the book. This book also contained little Easter eggs from another Stephen King series known as the Bill Hodges Trilogy. Overall, I rate this book 4.8/5 only because it was longer than necessary in my opinion and my attention span isn’t great. Otherwise, it was amazing.” 

Raheil B.

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