The Unwanteds: Island of Graves

by Lisa McMann

“At the beginning of the end of The Unwanted’s sixth book, a storm is brewing, literally. After Aaron’s capture from the Island of Fire pirates, Gondoleery Rattrapp’s elemental powers are strengthened, and she is bringing the biggest battle yet. Aaron struggles at the Island of Shipwrecks as he tries to escape the island and is polite and kind to the scientists who saved him, possibly giving him immortality. Alex gives up his search for his brother and begins planning a battle strategy with his friends and allies in Artime. However, Lani comes up with a plan that involves stealth, an unlikely ally, and obliteration. Meanwhile, Alex sets sail to save a stranger, trapped on the Island of Graves, who knows more secrets about the land of the seven islands than they thought. Liam Healey, banished from the palace and sent to the Ancient’s Sector with Aaron and Alex’s sisters, betrays order and risks his life trying to fix the terrible things he has done in his life. As the world ends in ice, wind and flame, will the Unwanteds survive again? Or will Henry finally use his magic seaweed? 

The island of Silence is a work of art and a masterpiece. It shows the struggles of Aaron and Liam as they try to become better people, which connects to many people’s lives and individual struggles. The author helps capture our interest when new mysteries arise and gives us grief when we lose characters we care about. In the end, one feels joy, seemingly at the end of the worst battle, as nothing worse could come. However, the end is just beginning.” 

Kyle M.

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