The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons

by Lisa McMann

“In the final chapter of Alex and Aaron’s adventures in the land of The Unwanteds, Alex repairs the land of Quill after it burned to the ground during the battle with the elemental Gondoleery Rattrap. Aaron wishes to head back to the Island of Shipwrecks, as everybody is still distrustful of his sudden personality change. Alex receives a special request from a creature of the sea that could create powerful and dangerous allies. News comes from the Island of Legends that Karkinos is dying and drifting to the edge of the world. Henry sets off to help the crab and will use whatever it takes to save him. Meanwhile, Queen Eagala finds allies in the Island of Fire, creates the largest army yet, and prepares for what could be the end of the Unwanteds. In the final battle, trust will be put to the test as the allies of Artime must stand together to protect the Land of the Seven Islands from the only evil that remains. In the end, the strongest power is where you will least expect it. 

Island of Dragons is the dramatic ending for The Unwanteds, more perfect than fans could have asked for. It ties up loose ends in the story, with some mysteries left to solve for Fifer and Thisbe in the next series. In the final book of this series, we feel sadness and loss, but there is also excitement about what is to come in the future. This book is one of my favourites, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a variety of characters, mysteries, and magic.” 

Kyle M.

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