The Queen’s Secret

by Melissa de la Cruz

1.5/5 Stars

Lilac is now the queen of Stavin. But Lilac didn’t want to become the queen. She was forced to sacrifice her relationship with the boy she loved in order to become queen. While Lilac is suffering from this, a series of magical attacks hurt the citizens, and Lilac is framed for them. The citizens of Stavin were already uneasy about having a Renovian on the throne, and these attacks threatened Lilac’s reputation as queen. Cal is sent to Renovia to get to the bottom of these magical attacks, and Lilac is left to fight for her throne alone.  

This book was sort of a downgrade from the last one. Lilac was a lot more likeable in the last one; in this book, she’s rather bland, boring and whiny. She’s become quite pathetic after being crowned queen. There isn’t much to her character anymore. The book was really uneventful and a total of three major things happened in the entire book. It was pretty slow and dragged out when it didn’t need to. I don’t know what happened to all the characters after the last book, but they became really confusing because they would contradict themselves a lot (especially Lilac and Cal). The reason why this got two stars is that I liked how it reflected how much someone’s reputation can impact them, whether the rumor’s are true or not, and the ending was well-written and it tied up the story nicely. 

Haniya W.

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