by Gretchen McNeil

4/5 Stars

#noescape by Gretchen McNeil is about a girl named Persey and the seven other contestants who are invited to participate in an all-star escape room competition with a huge $10 million prize. But soon into the challenge, the escape rooms prove personal and deadly. Contestants die off one by one. As they complete room after room, they start to suspect that they may all be connected in some way, and that they were chosen for this competition on purpose. This book is a prequel that predates the original series by 20 years. 

This was my favourite book out of all the books in this series. It gave a really interesting backstory to the series, which was much more interesting than the plots of the other books. Unlike the other books, it wasn’t unpredictable. It was also quite well-written, which is a huge upgrade from the last book. Escape room stories can be a little boring, but I thought that this one was really good and some of the escape rooms were actually quite unique. This book gives a bit of backstory to the other books, and you end up finding out who was behind The Postman app, which was super interesting. 

Haniya W.

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