by Victoria Laurie

4.5/5 Stars

‘When’ by Victoria Laurie is about a girl named Maddie Fynn, who has the unique ability to see the death date of every single person she sees. Her mother makes her use her ability for fortune-telling so they can earn extra income. One day, Maddie points out the approaching death date of a little boy, but as she can only see dates (and not how the person dies), the client calls her a liar and leaves. The next week, when the boy goes missing, the police come to Maddie’s school to interrogate her. As more and more people begin to go missing, Maddie and her best friend are named prime suspects of the murder and Maddie also becomes a target of the investigation. Maddie is desperate to prove that her and her best friend are innocent and to catch the real serial killer. 

I loved this book. There were so many people who I suspected but the real murderer ended up being someone who I never even thought of. It was a pretty quick but amazing read. I appreciated the fact that the author was straight to the point and didn’t drag anything out. It was a genuinely interesting book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes murder mysteries.  

Haniya W.

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