More Than This

by Patrick Ness

3/5 Stars

More Than This by Patrick Ness is a sci-fi/dystopian fiction novel about a boy named Seth who wakes up in the middle of an abandoned street after drowning. He’s unsure of whether he’s dead or alive. He explores the town and finds out that not only is the street where he woke up abandoned, but the entire town is also. The town is also quite familiar to him, but that’s impossible, he thinks. As he discovers more and more secrets, he finds out his entire life might have been a lie. 

The plot of this story was really interesting, and I loved the writing style. The characters are very well-written and each had very distinct backgrounds, which I also loved. The reason why I took off two stars was because it was rather slow-paced and some parts became very repetitive. The story was around 500 pages long, but I think a more appropriate length would have been around 300 pages by editing out all the repetitive attack scenes. The book switches from “before” and “after” a lot, and I found myself just skimming through the “after” scenes until the end of the book because it became rather predictable after a while.  

Haniya W.

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