by Mercedes Lackey

2/5 Stars

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey takes place in a world that is ravaged by monsters. The most fortunate people live inside cities that have a border protecting them from the monsters. The not-so-fortunate live outside the cities, left to fend for themselves. There are some people with the ability to battle and defeat monsters called Hunters. Joyeaux Charmand is a hunter who’s lived in the mountains her entire life. One day, she’s called by her uncle to go to the city, where she finds out that things aren’t as they seem. The situation keeps getting worse and worse and Joy might be too late to stop it. 

I think that the author had a really good idea. I liked the mix of dystopian fiction and fantasy; however, the story was very repetitive and there was a lot of info-dumping. At the start of the story we get page-length descriptions of things that don’t add to the story. Approaching the middle, the story becomes really repetitive, with the same events taking place every couple of chapters. It’s only in the last couple of chapters that the story gets really interesting. I was forcing myself to read the book, thinking that it would eventually get interesting, but I was wrong. Overall, the author had an excellent idea, but their execution of said idea was rather poor. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this book. 

Haniya W.

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