by: Jarrett Krosoczka

3 Stars

La revanche de la grande soeur, or Revenge of the Sis in English, is a little disappointing. Jarrett and Amy collaborate here on the seventh book in the Jedi Academy series, and I’m not very pleased with it.

The beginning of the story resumes from where Victor Starspeeder graduates from the Jedi Academy at Coruscant. Christina, the main character of book number 7, goes into her first year in the Jedha Jedi Academy, which is almost like a post-secondary school for the citizens in this fictional universe. Christina’s new mentor, Master Ro, is an aggressive and wise middle-aged woman,(on the right of the cover) accompanied by a droid named Q-13, a mildly rude robot, who’s mentality improves as the story goes on.

We also learn that Christina Starspeeder is still a young rookie who still needs experience, even after comfortably graduating Jedi Academy. As the story goes on, she learns about Jedha itself, the hostile mobs, the people, Porgs and much more.

Why do I give this book 3 stars? The story is actually quite stale, especially compared to the original trilogy written by Jeffrey Brown. There isn’t very much coming from the other characters in the book, and there is hardly any character development going on. Although that is a big downfall for this seventh book, it has very crisp drawings, with fine lines, and there is a lot of detail, which is what we expect from Jarrett J. Krosoczka and Amy Ignatow.

This story is lacking in substance, but the drawings are a big improvement from books 4 to 6 in the series.

Alec T.

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By Anna Todd

4 Stars

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Tessa Young has always been a good girl, sweet and ambitious with a loving boyfriend back home and a mother who is keen on keeping Tessa on the right path. But before she’s even fully settled in her freshman dorm, trouble comes knocking at her door. Hardin Scott, with his messy brown hair and British accent, his body littered in tattoos and piercings, something Tessa isn’t used to. But he’s also rude, extremely rude. His attitude should be enough for Tessa to hate him, and she does. But when they’re alone- something else rises to the surface, and she has no idea what to do. Hardin is reckless, constantly disappearing and reappearing at the most random times, insisting he is no good for her but never fully leaving her life. He pushes her away, but she pushes back, wanting to learn more about who Hardin really is. She already has the perfect boyfriend, so why is she unable to stay away from Hardin and all his mystery?  

Honestly, I loved this book. It’s realistically emotional, meaning it has realistic characters, ones who get overly jealous because that’s just who they are and ones who want to make the other person happy even if it means destroying themselves in the process. The characters aren’t perfect, and neither are their lives, and that’s something a lot of stories lack. However, it does glorify a borderline-toxic relationship, depending on how you personally view it. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who’s willing to read it. 

Jordan M.

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By John Green

5 Stars

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Written by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars is a beautiful book that will move anyone to tears. The book follows Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years prior, and her life with the illness. Much to introverted Hazel’s interests-who would much rather read all day- her mother decides it’s time for her to attend a support group at church with other cancer survivors/victims- (due to her showing signs of depression)which is where she meets the charming Augustus Waters. Augustus-a cancer survivor – attends the group to support his terminally ill friend Isaac. Augustus and Hazel hit it off instantly and are soon inseparable. Hazel tells Augustus about her favourite book, An Imperial Affliction and they both have many questions about the book-yet cannot contact the author. So, using his Make-A-Wish wish, Augustus takes Hazel to Amsterdam. When they get there, Augustus tells Hazel he´s been hiding all along- his cancer came back, much worse than ever before. Will he survive? Will their relationship stay strong throughout this difficult time? This book brings you through a roller coaster of emotions and was so good that it was turned into a movie in 2014 (earning $307.2 million!). 

The first time I read the book, I thought it was wonderful as it had everything the typical YA adult book had; the smart, strong-willed female with the charming male love interest. Later re-reading it, I realized the character’s personalities were very unrealistic and cliche. She used large words into everyday sentences which would never happen and acted like she was 27, and not 17. The way Hazel and Augustus instantly hit it off was also questionable as that would never happen in real life. Readers over 16 might find some parts cheesy, however, it was still a very good book.  

The book was very hard to put down and I was able to finish it in a day since it was that interesting. It will be a favourite for many if they are into books like Love,Simon, Everything Everything, Five Feet Apart, etc.  

Khadeeja F.

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