Salt & Stone

Victoria Scott

This is the sequel to Fire & Flood.

Tella Holloway has completed the first half of the race (two ecosystems: jungle and desert) and is moving on to the more difficult part of the race because living two weeks in the jungle and desert with a very high possibility of dying, isn’t enough for the cure that her sick older brother Cody needs to survive. Now Tella will trek through the two more difficult ecosystems, Ocean and Mountains, to remain a contender eligible to win the grand prize. With the help of her new-found friends from the jungle, Guy Chambers, Harper Shaw, Olivia Flinch, Jaxon Levine, and Braun Kirkland, they join as a team to overcome the obstacles of the ecosystems. Introducing a couple more characters, Tella will guide them through the harsh climates overcoming the events that scared her from the last book and learn secrets behind the race and among her friends. She starts to worry that they may not be her friends at all…

I prefer this book over Fire & Flood simply because the story starts to pick up more and is slightly more descriptive when there is action. This book, you’ll see has a lot more unexpected turns of events also making it slightly better than the first book. Overall the book Salt & Stone was very nerve-racking due to the anticipation of what will happen next and the secrets Tella’s teammates keep, wondering what they are. I would have given this book 5 stars but due to the ending and how this is the last book in the series I lower it down to 4. Still an amazing book. – Celine J.

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