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Submitted by akimberley on 26 September 2018

Mark Your Calendars On Monday May 3rd at 4pm, author Wesley King will host an exclusive author visit for Battle of the Books participants via Zoom.

Read. Participate. HAVE FUN!

The Battle of the Books is a fabulous partnership between public libraries and schools in Durham Region. In the past, schools motivated and challenged students who enjoy reading, by forming a team and competing against other reading warriors in town. After several levels of battling within each of the eight municipalities, the top teams met and a regional champion was crowned. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the program was cancelled in 2020, as we couldn’t assemble in large groups to battle against each other.

What to do in 2021? Well we are launching the program in a new way! Rather than teams, we are rallying any student to read, participate and have fun! Whether you are in-school, virtual-schooled or home-schooled, you are invited to read our book lists and engage in the activities we are planning. Champions will be crowned! We will launch the program activities on February 1 2021. The book lists are divided by Junior and Intermediate age groups.

In the meantime, read, sharpen your wits, arm yourself with knowledge and, above all else, have fun!

Junior Book List

Intermediate Book List

Registrations begin February 1 at

Please contact Alison Yntema at or call 905-579-6111 x5256 for more information.

Generously sponsored by TD Bank.

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