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Borrowing Library eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions

If you would like to read library eBooks on PC, Mac, or Kobo Reader, Adobe Digital Editions will be the tool you need.  Here are the steps you'll need to follow, in order to check out library eBooks via the CloudLibrary eBook service for the first time.  This guide is also available in video format here.

1) If you do not yet have Adobe Digital Editions 


    a) Visit the Adobe Digital Editions page.

    b) Click the Download link for your operating system.

    c) Run the installer and follow the provided steps until installation is complete.

2) With Adobe Digital Editions Installed, open the app's Help Menu:


ade help menu 2

3) If your computer is already authorized (and "Authorize Computer" is unavailable), you're already ready to go.  You can skip to Step 6.  If the Authorize Computer option is available, however, click it. 


ade help menu

4) You'll be provided a login prompt.  If you already have an Adobe ID, feel free to use it to log in and skip to Step 6.  If you do not have an Adobe ID, click Create an Adobe ID.


ade login prompt

5) Create an account via the Create an Adobe ID page.  Then enter your new Adobe ID in Adobe Digital Editions and Authorize.


create an account via adobe

6) Adobe Digital Editions is now configured.  Visit our eBook collection to find eBooks of interest to you.  Start by logging in with your Library card number and PIN/Password.  If you do not know your PIN/Password, feel free to contact us at 905-579-6111 or via the library contact form.


cloudlibrary login

7) When you have found a book you wish to borrow, click Borrow to check out your item.  If the item is not currently available, a Hold option will appear instead.


borrow book

8) With the item borrowed, you can now click Download for offline reading to download your book.


download for offline reading

9) If prompted to open the item by your web browser, open the file using Adobe Digital Editions.


open file in web browser

10) At this point, if you wish to transfer the book to a Kobo, connect the Kobo to your computer with its USB cable.  When prompted, tap Connect on the Kobo's screen.


kobo screen example

11) Now, drag the items you wish to transfer to your Kobo to the Kobo Reader's listing in Adobe Digital Editions, as you would a file or file folder.


transfer to kobo example

12) Finally, if you receive any errors transferring your eBook, click the gear icon next to your Kobo Reader, in order to ensure that the device is Authorized.  And click this option there if necessary, just as you did in the Help menu, for your computer. 

Happy eReading!




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