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Submitted by akimberley on 7 November 2020
Library Newsletter
Message from the CEO
As we settle into the second year of the COVID pandemic, we know how important it is to find safe activities to replace the things we can no longer do. That’s why we are partnering with Parks Canada for a series of “Learn to Camp” workshops to prepare the not so outdoorsy with camping hacks, animal safety tips, and how to minimize your footprint on the environment when camping.

Virtual “Culture Chats” continue throughout the month of May on Fridays at noon, and we plan to hold our annual Seniors Art Competition in partnership with the RMG and OSCC55+ later this year.

Kids who could benefit from a little help with their reading skills can sign up for a “reading buddy” volunteer, and registration for our annual TD Summer Reading Club to help kids keep up their reading skills over the summer, begins on June 14.

The Beatles sang “With a Little Help From My Friends”, which rings true when you look through this Events Newsletter. Our friendships and partnerships with other organizations help us continue to support the community throughout the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

Take care and stay safe,

Frances Newman
Chief Executive Officer

Thu, 01/01/2037 - 19:01
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