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Placing a Hold for Library Pickup

If you'd like to place holds for pickup at the library, your first step will be signing in to your account via the Your Account menu:


You'll be asked to enter your username or Library Card Number and Password.  If you've already created a username and password, you can use the login you created.  If you haven't, you can use your library card number, which is printed on your library card, and which begins with "29364".   If you've never set or modified your password, this will usually be the default value '1234'. 


Once logged in, you can place a hold on any loan item listed in the catalogue by clicking its Place a Hold button:


Then make sure the pickup branch listed is the one at which you'd like to pick up the item, and click Confirm Hold:


With your hold placed, we'll contact you to make arrangements for a pickup at the library. 


Thu, 01/01/2037 - 19:01
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